Join Sprout's Circle of Security Class or Conscious Discipline workshops, to learn more about how you can build a

healthy, supportive and secure relationship with your child.

"Sprout has given our family one of the best gifts, evidence based parenting support, education, and a friendship. Without the parenting workshops we would be struggling more on how to communicate effectively and build a healthy connection with our children. Sprout is such a valuable asset to the whole community."     

- The Pastros

Hi! Welcome to Sprout's online parenting classes.

Part of our job at Sprout is to bring caregivers of young children great information and resources on ways to promote early childhood development,; strengthen the parent-child relationship and bring loving, connected discipline into the home. Circle of Security Parenting and Conscious Discipline offer caregivers what they need to cultivate happy, healthy and secure relationships with their children.